As the primary architect of the county budget, Ken Doke helped Muskogee County create the first BALANCED BUDGET for the first time in nearly a decade.  By the second year into Ken’s 4-year term, the county has not experienced any more deficit budgets and has remained balanced during his tenure.

Ken Doke is the …
–  CEO of the 7-County Workforce Development Board
–  Chairman of the 18-County Regional Workforce Board
–  Member of the Governor’s Council for Workforce & Economic Development
–  Under Ken’s leadership, unemployment rates have dropped from 6.8% to 4.5% in Muskogee County

Ken Doke has obtained funding for and spent over 50 million dollars on road and bridge projects throughout Muskogee County District 1.  The lion’s share of those funds have come from outside of Muskogee County in the form of grants, partnerships, tribes, state, and federal monies.  Many of the old chipped roads have been repaired and are now paved and striped.  Many gravel roads have been built up and drainage added or repaired.  The massive issue with brush and overgrowth that has plagued the county for decades is slowly being eliminated.  At the start of Ken’s term, there were 127 deficient bridges in Muskogee County.  That number is down to 55.